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Carbon Credits that Fight Hunger

In the U.S., almost one-third of food is wasted, emitting methane—a greenhouse gas 80 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Brightly works with food recovery organizations to create high-integrity carbon credits from the avoided methane emissions created by wasted food in landfills. Brightly Carbon Credits provide sustainable revenue to these organizations to recover more food and feed more people.

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Our Process

1. Partner with Food Recovery Organizations

We harness the power of surplus food, rescued by non-profit organizations who divert it from landfills to nourish those experiencing hunger.

2. Quantify Avoided Emissions

We work closely with food recovery organizations who collect data on the kinds and amounts of recovered food, evaluating the emissions they've averted.

3. Generate Carbon

Third-party verification ensures accurate data and emission calculations for transparency. Verra issues Brightly Credits in line with industry standards.

4. Create Evergreen Food Recovery Funding

Carbon credit revenue creates evergreen funding for food recovery organizations to recover more food and feed more people.

Why Brightly Carbon Credits?

Brightly offers you the highest integrity carbon offsets available to help address your greenhouse gas emissions combined with the opportunity to create tremendous social impact.

Food rescue requires constant effort, and because it is not commercially viable it is not guaranteed to continue. Brightly funding provides meaningful financing to ensure that local Food Recovery Organizations can scale operations each year. This means the emissions reductions from food rescue are truly additional, per the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism tool.

The revenue from Brightly Carbon Credits goes directly to local, non-profit Food Recovery Organizations to support them in recovering more food and feeding more people in their community.

Brightly Carbon Credits permanently avoid methane emissions from food waste. There are no timelines or 100 year commitments; these are immediate, permanent reductions.

Food insecurity is a present and persistent issue in 100% of counties across the United States. Brightly Carbon Credits both reduce emissions and fight hunger within your local community. These credits can also be linked directly to specific Food Recovery Organizations in the US.

Brightly Carbon Credits pass the highest standard for validation and are independently verified to ensure their integrity. Third-party data verification ensures accurate data and emissions calculations.

the Team

The Brightly team is a group of mission-driven individuals with decades of food industry and food waste experience. We're the first US-based company minting carbon credits addressing food waste and food insecurity.

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